Our name is Oui Jewellery, a mix of English and French like Canada; One might say our designers are as diverse as the Canadian population. We are proud to present Canadian artists plus curated collections from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Asia, North and South America. 

Experience the feeling of shopping in Reykjavik, Warsaw, Rio de Janeiro or Lima right here in beautiful Victoria. Oui Jewellry is a small boutique shop specializing in artistic design and small production jewellery. We are located in Victoria, BC (1037 Fort Street).

Each of our suppliers has a unique or symbolic element. For example, our Icelandic designer work with lava stones and gems found in the Icelandic landscapes. Poland supplies us with amber from the Baltic coast and both Mexico and Peru bring artistic design with amazing handmade work.

Can’t afford to travel? Not a problem, shop our international collections here in beautiful Victoria!  You will want to say Oui! to our UN of jewellery.

Our Mission & Vision:

We at Oui Jewellery pride ourselves in inclusion and diversity, but we also take business ethics seriously. Our mandate is to practice:

Fair trade: We pay a fair price for our designer’s work, but we do not stop there, since we also price our items fair to the public; often this word is thrown around and used to overprice items for consumers, but we feel ethic also plays a part when selling items to our clients.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion: We like to empower women’s business in countries where gender equality is not to the standards of Canada. Our youngest designer Paulina, was 27 when we started working with her, by her reference letter attached you can see how we have helped her boost her business and open doors to other young ladies.

Environmental Sustainability: All our lights are LED, we do not use plastic for handling any of our merchandise and we have a recycling station.

Healthy image: The images we use in our marketing feature healthy women of all ages, our most experience model is in her 60s, women’s beauty does not stop at 25.

Community Building:

On April 2018, MS (Multiple-Sclerosis) Athlete Susan Simmons hosted a fund raiser at our store for the newly formed Victoria MS Wellness Centre, where a percentage of all sales were donated to the centre. Following the success of the event, we have agreed to make the fundraiser into an annual event.

When disaster struck Mexico City in 2017, where two of our designers are based, we made a donation to the rescue brigade Topos de México (www.topos.mx) to help with rebuilding efforts.

Internationally and locally, we support a variety of local designers and are advocates for upcoming artists.